Who Are Progress Group?

Progress Group are a world leader in engineering of efficient production solutions, designing highly automated and customised carousel plants, reinforcement machinery and mesh welding plants, battery moulds, tilting tables and various mould systems. With such a wide array and variety of products and with years of experience in the industry the Progress group is a name that can be trusted to deliver quality and dynamically change the production efficiency of almost any plant.

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Why Choose Progress Group?

Progress Group has a solution for everything

  • progress: Development and production of coil processing machinery and plants.
  • EBAWE: Development and production of turnkey carrousel plants for the precast concrete industry.
  • tecnocom: Development and production of moulding systems and special solutions for the precast concrete industry 
  • Echo Precast: Development and production of machinery and plants for pre-stressed concrete products, especially hollow core slabs.
  • ULTRA-SPAN: Development and production of machinery and accessories for pre-stressed precast concrete products, esspecially hollow core slabs.
  • PROGRESS: Planning and production of precase concrete products and erection ofbuildings in massive construction.