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Who Are RATEC?

Ratec are the World's largest and most successful manufacturers of construction magnetic shuttering systems. Run by Jorg and Andreas Reymann,  Ratec supply Precast factories all over the world including Europe, The Americas, Russia,  Australia  and the Middle East. Ratec have been at the forefront of technological change in terms of Precast technology, being the inventor of the box magnet as well as more recently Upcrete technology.

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Why Choose RATEC?

Increasing the quality of the finished elements and reliability. These are the real objectives which determine RATEC Products.

RATEC sets high standards which have manifestly proven their worth when it comes to individual solutions. They are the market leaders in the magnetic shuttering and solution industries and have been a world wide distributer for the last 40 years. RATEC offers innovative and economic solutions for the rationalisation in the production of precast concrete elements.

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