LOLER and PUWER Engineering Inspection Service

Thorough examination of lifting equipment and accessories is a legal requirements under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER). 

Undertaking LOLER testing is an essential component for your organisation’s safety compliance program and the safety of your staff and others.

Simply Precast Consultants will ensure all of your LOLER thorough examinations of lifting equipment/accessories happen efficiently, on schedule and with minimal disruption to your business. 

All LOLER engineering inspection / thorough examinations will be undertaken in accordance with the LOLER regulations by fully trained and competent examiners.

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Definition of Lifting Equipment under LOLER

A device or mechanism, such as a crane, winch, pulley block, gin wheel, chain block, which does work in lifting or lowering the load or provides means of a movement, or the supporting structure and anchoring devices for such a mechanism, e.g. runway, gantry etc, which may also permit a suspended load to be moved in the horizontal direction. 

Definition of Lifting Accessory under LOLER

Any device such as a sling, shackle, eyebolt, clamp, spreader beam etc. used to connect the load to a lifting appliance but which does not itself form part of the load or the appliance.