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Who are OBELIX?

Obelix products are specifically designed for lifting concrete in precast construction and demolition of concrete structures. 

This innovative system uniformly directs the stress generated from lifting into the concrete element itself. All obelix products are designed with safety in mind utilising a minimum 5x WLL. This means Obelix lifting clutches meet the highest standards of safe lifting.

Obelix Lifting Clutches are joined to the concrete by the formation of a void matching the shape of the lifting clutch. The void is created in precast elements via the placement of an Obelix Void Former, or in cured concrete elements by cutting a void using an Obelix Undercutting Tool.


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Why choose OBELIX?

The Obelix Lifting System is comprised of three components, the Obelix Lifting Clutch, the Obelix Void Former, and the Obelix Retainer.

The components work together to provide the first lifting system which leaves no reduntant steel in the concrete.

This system has enormous advantages when used in precast construction, due to speed of construction, the elimination of reject products, and it works first time and every time.

In demolition applications, the Obelix Lifting Clutch can be used in conjuntion with an Obelix Undercutting Tool. This enables the removal of slabs block by block, in sections cut and cored, rather than being broken up on site.

This also enables the re-use of concrete elements, it results in less noise and dust, and a safer workplace as the entire job can be done from above. On top of this its faster, much faster than traditional methods of demolition. See demolition for more details.

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