Financial Services

Immediate Access to Equipment – Budgetary Problems Overcome

There is no need to wait until funds are available and 100% financing means that deposits are not necessarily required. Leasing equipment, allows you to spread the cost of an asset over a period of time – thereby matching rental payments with income earned from the use of the asset.

Conserve Working Capital

Working capital can be put to more strategic uses, rather than being invested in a depreciating asset base.

Easier Budgeting

Fixed rentals, as they are not subject to fluctuating interest rates, allow you to plan for the future.

Protect Credit Lines

Leasing is an additional line of credit and does not impinge on customers’ high street banking facilities.

Tailored Payments

Rental agreements may be individually tailored to meet budgetary requirements. Agreements may be for terms from 1 year to 7 years and incorporate holiday periods, irregular profiles and stepped rentals.

Upgrade Options

Leasing allows customers to keep up with changes in technology and respond to industry pressures. Our upgrade facility allows for new equipment to be added during the life of the lease without necessarily increasing the rental payments.

Tax Efficiency

Payments are fully allowable against profits to increase tax efficiency and thereby reduce the net cost of renting the equipment.

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