Lifting Loops

Suitable for use with either m or Rd sockets. Not recommended for lifts over 45°. See table for details.

All loops and eyes come with a valid test certificate.

All loops should be replaced when the wire becomes frayed or damaged.

*All prices on the table are per unit.

*Minimum total order £100.

Product Code Thread SWL (kg)
SSLL12 M/Rd12 500
SSLL16 M/Rd16 1200
SSLL20 M/Rd20 2000
SSLL24 M/Rd24 2500
SSLL30 M/Rd30 4000
SSLL36 Rd36 6300
SSLL42 Rd42 8000
SSLL52 Rd52 12500
Angle 22.5° 30° 45°
Angle Reduction in Safe Working Load 10% 20% 30%