Heavy Duty Plastic Circles

Heavy-duty plastic circles are used where a more robust plastic circle is needed. Like the standard circle it can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications, it’s design however gives the following benefits. Elastic barbs keep the spacer attached to the rebar, the lips on the centre prevent the spacer from slipping sideways and the bulk of the spacer offers increased load bearing and stability.

*All products are sold in pack sizes assigned.
*All prices on the table are per pack.

*Minimum total order £100.

Product Code Description Pack Size Pallet Qty
SHDPC25 25mm cover for bar sizes 6-12mm 1500 30000
SHDPC30 30mm cover for bar sizes 13-20mm 1000 16000
SHDPC40 40mm cover for bar sizes 13-20mm 500 10000
SHDPC45 45mm cover for bar sizes 13-20mm 400 8000
SHDPC50 50mm cover for bar sizes 13-20mm 300 6000