Very high output pneumatically assisted spray glue gun for industrial use. Gun dispenses hot melt when held at any angle, with adjustable pattern. A nontoxic adhesive spray system, it covers large area and applies hot melt to heat sensitive substrates without damage. Speed loader design helps save time reloading. Requires air and electric supply. Maximum 7 bar (100psi), for best results 4-6 bar (60-90psi) dependent on output requirements.

Model Melt rate Glue size Wattage Power cable Weight
tec7300 5.25kg (11.lbs)/hr 43mm (1¾”) glue cartridge 1000W 3m (10 ft) 2.3kg (5lbs)


  • The casttec® system contributes to fast, efficient work that saves time and money.
  • Speed of set: good molten tack holds inserts securely in position
  • Cost effective: a fraction of the cost of magnets and tapes
  • Fast work: instant bond, no need to fix or clamp bonded parts while glue sets
  • Easy clean-up: glue begins to crystallize after 8-10 hours to allow for easy and clean removal with a scraper
  • Versatile: bonds all common materials: metal, plastic, wood and foams
  • Bonds over form oil: can be used before or after light oil application, the heat of the glue can burn through the oil barrier
  • Continuous work: melt-on-demand guns mean that there’s no need to wait for glue to melt
  • Doesn’t melt foam: hot melt can be sprayed on, or use a special temperature module to extrude the hot melt directly on to polystyrene foam without damage
  • Safe to work with: solvent-free, non-flammable, no special storage, no VOC’s – contributing to a safe work place, and a cleaner environment
  • No stringing: clean glue cut-off without stringing keeps work spaces clean